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Changes to Team Pricing

Pro memberships that scale with your school


In 2020, we announced Team based billing. This allowed schools to manage multiple Knoword Pro memberships under a single billing account. It even came with a sweet discount, $40 per year per account versus the $45 per year that an individual teacher would pay.

However, the way that our Team plan worked was that memberships had to be purchased in groups of 10. This made it difficult for smaller teams to justify purchasing their Knoword memberships in bulk. For instance, if a school wanted to purchase 11 or 12 memberships, they would be stuck committing to a group of 20. That's definitely not ideal. 👎

That's why today we're excited to announce a long-overdue change to our Team pricing model: Per-account pricing. Now, you can select exactly the quantity of accounts that you need, and only be charged for those accounts.

You can see how much it would cost to outfit your team with unlimited access to Knoword on our pricing page.