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With Knoword as part of your teaching toolkit, you have the power to create assignments your students can't wait to play. Er, complete.

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Homework that doesn't feel like work

Assignments are a powerful distance learning tool that make learning fun. Knoword has a wide range of pre-made word packs for almost any subject—over 15,000 packs to be more exact. But if you can't find the perfect words in our library, creating your own custom pack and assigning it to your class is the way to go.

Create an assignment

Select any word pack, including your own. You can set a time limit (or play with none). Then set a due date. And voila! Your assignment is ready.

Share it with your class

Sharing an assignment with your students is easy. They can access it using a "Class code" on the Knoword home page or a unique game URL. You can also create classwork automatically in Google Classroom at the push of a button.

See the results

Student results are available to teachers as soon as they complete the assignment. You can see their words viewed, the percentage of correct answers, and the date of submission. This data can also be exported as an Excel spreadsheet or CSV.

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Start using Assignments for free. If you enjoy the service and need to create more, we have affordable pricing plans to unlock unlimited access to Knoword.

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