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Introducing Team Billing

Manage a school's worth of paid subscriptions


Today we're super excited to be rolling out new volume pricing and features for school administrators to manage Knoword Pro accounts for all of their teachers in one place. If you're a school principal or administrator, this update is for you!

Manage a whole school

Setting up volume pricing is simple; just head over to your billing settings, where you'll find two tabs for Pro and Team pricing.

Both subscriptions offer you the same great features and perks, with only a few differences.

  1. Team accounts are billed at a rate of $40 USD per teacher per year. That's an extra month free for each user.
  2. Unlike Pro subscriptions, which can be billed monthly or yearly, Team accounts can only be billed annually.
  3. The number of authorized teacher accounts on a team must be purchased in groups of 10. For instance, if you have 18 teachers at your school, you would buy 20 accounts.

You can learn more about all of our paid account options and play around with seat counts to see how much your Team account will cost on our new and improved pricing page.

The gang's all here

Once you order a Team subscription, you'll see a new "My team" section in your billing settings. Here, you can invite your team members by email. They'll receive an invitation to sign in (or create an account) and join your team.

If you already subscribe to Knoword Pro but would like to upgrade to a Team plan, please contact us, and we'll sort you out. As always, if you have any questions about our new pricing model or anything else, you can find us on Twitter or send us a message.

Happy November! 🍂

—Trevor from Knoword