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Searching for images using a different word


Update 2021/11/11: We just released an update to the image search form that introduces a new "semi-auto" mode. Selecting this mode allows you to specify your word and search term seperately, meaning that the methods outlined below are no longer necessary.

When using image clues in auto mode, we show you image results that match the word that you're creating. However, sometimes you might want to use a different word to search for images. For example, if you're trying to teach English words like "house" or "judge", auto mode works fine. But phrases like "get up at six", "change my clothes", or "leave the house" don't yield great results.

In this post, I'll show you a handy tip for using image clues in auto mode with a different term than the word you're creating.

I'm going to create a word for the phrase "leave the house". As you can see, searching for "leave the house" results in lots of images of houses, but I'm looking for an image of someone walking through an exterior doorway.

Instead of starting with your final solution, create a new word using whatever term gives you the image results you're looking for. I found that searching for "person in doorway" seemed to have good results, and I found the perfect image after loading a few extra pages of results.

Save the word as-is, and then click on the new word card in your pack to edit it. Switch the editor to manual mode, change the solution at the top of the form from "person in doorway" to "leave the house", and save. Now you have a word with your desired solution and an image to match.

To recap, you can create words with image clues using a different search term than the word you're creating by following these steps:

  1. Create a word using your image search term
  2. Click on the new word card to edit it
  3. Switch to manual mode
  4. Update the word solution
  5. Save 🙂

I hope this helps explain one of the advanced uses of image clues in Knoword! Image clues are a feature of our paid Knoword Pro plan. For more information about Knoword Pro and pricing details, check out our pricing page.