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Image Clues

Define your words with a picture instead of text


Guessing words based on their description is great, but sometimes words can't do another word justice. Sometimes it would just be easier to show something rather than describe it.

Image clues allow pack authors to define words by searching for an image or uploading one of their own. Now you can use Knoword in so many new and interesting ways.

Here's what it looks like:

From the "Add word" dialog, simply press the button to enter image mode. Next, drag and drop your image or select "Auto" mode to search for stunning images from Unsplash.

Playing with images

Curious about what it's like to play Knoword with images? Try one of the following packs and you'll see what all the fuss is about. Knoword with images is the bee's knees.

Food and Cooking

105 words

Our new Food and Cooking pack is perfect for the little chefs in your life, or those learning English as a second language. It features over 100 basic food words and kitchen vocabulary.

Flags of the World

Test your knowledge of country flags, grouped by continent. This can be a fun group exercise for the classroom. Have students work together to guess the country name by viewing an image of its flag!

Movie Frames

Simple but addictive, these great packs show you a single frame from iconic films and make you guess the title. Work your way up through three satisfying difficulty modes to see how well you've been paying attention to the silver screen.

These packs only scratch the surface of what you can do with images in Knoword. We're so excited to see what other novel ideas come to life when teachers get their hands on this feature. Think about the possible applications...

Previously, packs for language learers were either too difficult—the player had to know enough of the language to understand the definition—or just unidirectional (French -> English, English -> German, etc.) Now language teachers can educate using pictures, which is something anyone can understand.

Primary school teachers can benefit from this feature as well. Often times, reading and understanding a dictionary definition can be too challenging for young students, but they can easily identify the contents of an image.

Not to mention, you can even mix and match text definitions and image clues for an interesting variety pack!

Any player can start up a game and play with image clues, but a Pro subscription is required to define words using images in your packs. Knoword Pro is very affordable, and now with image clues, it's better than ever.

—Trevor from Knoword