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November News & Notes

A summary of recent updates to the platform


Last month, we received a suggestion from a teacher that we should make it easier for users to duplicate their packs. The teacher, Mr. Ruiz, teaches the same course to both Spanish-speaking and English-speaking classrooms. They wanted an easier way to adapt one pack for two languages than creating both packs from scratch.

Introducing... Pack duplication! Now you can duplicate any of your own packs with just a couple of clicks. So Mr. Ruiz can create their pack in one language, duplicate it, and then translate the definitions of each word to the other language.

Just click on the context menu () on any of your own packs, and select "Duplicate pack...". You'll be shown a screen that allows you to specify a new name, collection, and category for your clone. Once all the details look good, press the "Create pack" button, and voilà: a duplicate pack!

Bug fixed

This week, we identified a bug in the packs page that caused the order of the packs shown to be slightly off. This was apparent when we just finished creating two new original packs, and went to the new packs page to see them at the top of the list. But they weren't there! What was going on?

Well, we figured out what was going on and fixed the issue. No need to get into technical details here. This isn't a tech blog!

Now when you select "new", "popular", or "most played" on the packs page, you can be sure you're seeing the top content in those categories.

Now, about those two new original packs...

Two new original packs

Do You Know Art Styles?

30 words

Knoword is happy to announce two original image packs that test your knowledge of some of the finer things: Art genres and Architecture styles. In each pack, you're shown an image of an example of a particular art genre or style of architecture, and you must guess the genre or style.

Styles of Architecture

30 words

The art styles pack also shows the name of the artist responsible for the artwork shown. Similarly, the architecture pack also tells you the name of the building shown.

Even if you don't know anything about art or architecture, these packs are a great way to learn this material. I'd recommend playing them on multiple choice mode to familiarize yourself with the words, and start making the connections between the words and their examples. Then, when you're well-practiced, put your knowledge to the test in classic mode.

—Trevor from Knoword