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We built tools to report user-generated content


At the time of writing, almost 30,000 unique Knoword packs have been created. While this is an exciting figure, it also marks an important milestone. It's time for better content moderation tools.

Last week, I got an email from a user practicing English with Knoword. They mentioned that one of the quizzes they played contained offensive language. This was hard to hear, but it's an unfortunate reality of any platform on the internet that accepts user-generated content. In any case, abusive or offensive content has no place here, and I knew that we had to take steps to fix this.

Knoword already features a profanity filter that catches many vulgur words before they get saved as words or definitions within packs. For the ones that slip between the cracks, we now show an option to report content in the game UI.

When you're playing any pack, you'll see a flag icon () in the top right corner of the page. If you encounter some content that you find offensive or otherwise objectionable, you can click on that flag button to report that content to us. We'll review the report, remove the content, and apply disciplinary action to the creator as necessary.

I hope we can all use this new feature to call out content that shouldn't be on this platform, and help make Knoword a more inviting place.

—Trevor from Knoword