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Patch Notes: May '23

An animated end-game screen and a new game mode not for the faint of heart

We've got a couple of cool new features hot off the press! Let's dive in to this latest installment of Patch Notes.

Smooth transitions

Previously, when you finished a game, the game would just end. The page would immediately snap to the post-game screen. This felt jarring, and we knew we could do better.


Now, when you finish a game, the game screen fades out, a heading fades in. "Great job", it might say (if you're lucky). Then, the post-game screen fades in as the heading moves up into it's place atop the page.


So much better. This is one of many small details that we've added recently to make the game feel more like a game and less like a website. We hope you enjoy it!

Hardcore mode 💀

We've added a new secret game mode for those of you who want a challenge. It's called "Hardcore mode", and it's not for the faint of heart. In Hardcore mode, there's zero margin for error. If you get a single letter wrong, it counts as an incorrect answer and you're on to the next word.

You start Hardcore mode with three "lives" and every incorrect or skipped word costs you a life. If you lose all three lives, it's game over.

Choose your letters very carefully, because even a mistype could cost you. Head over to to give it a try, and challenge your friends to the most unforgiving version of Knoword yet.

P.S. This isn't even the most unforgiving we could possibly make it. Should it work so that the first time you make a mistake, it ends the game immediately? Send us a message to let us know.