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Learn about our favorite word packs and find inspiration for your own quizzes


Every now and then, I like to take a step back and look at all the wonderful things being created by the Knoword community. Educators and learners alike use word packs to teach or learn new material, and I want to share with you some of my favorite examples of packs in action… Pack-tion! 💥

Worth a thousand words

Visual Vocabulary


19 words
Vladyslav Ralko

Vladyslav Ralko's Visual Vocabulary collection is full of great packs that use images instead of text as their clues. It's hard to recommend just one, but the Cooking pack from this collection is really fun and practical for young students or new English language learners.

Speaking of food and language learners, Mari-Anna Reiljan-Dillon used side-by-side image clues in a really creative way to create their Japanese foods pack. Players are given an image of a food along with its name in English, and they must answer with the romanized spelling of the Japanese word for each food.

For example, the right answer for a picture of a bowl of cooked rice might be "gohan". This is a great pack for anyone learning Japanese who might not be comfortable reading or writing kanji or kana.

Creatively defined

Present perfect

43 words

I always like to see the interesting ways that pack creators choose to use the definition and solution fields when creating a pack. Frauwrubel does just that in their Present perfect pack, where players are given a sentence with a present-tense verb in parentheses. They must look at the context of the sentence and respond with the verb in its correct tense.

For example, if I got the prompt "Trevor is ... (write) this blog post", I would answer with "writing". ✅

Another cool concept is Mrs. Cowan's POLY and DERM pack, where every word being defined must contain either "poly" or "derm". Seems simple enough, but you'll find that it can be pretty tricky.

Good for all levels

Many of the packs that I've mentioned so far are great examples of beginner-level quizzes and review content, but Knoword is being used by educators of every level. The University of Arizona's Take Charge program created a Types of Insurance Vocabulary pack to practice knowledge about different insurances.

Rocking Minerals

37 words
chalita rodgers

Chalita Rodgers' Rocking Minerals is a set of 37 gems. From "lava" to "silicon oxygen tetrahedron", this pack covers the gamut of geology terms. If you can master this pack, your vocabulary will be rock solid!

Finally, in Branding: Chapter 12, Linda Williams teaches us some essential business and marketing vocabulary. Perfect for high school or early college students to practice their knowledge of these key terms.

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of the Knoword packs that have caught my eye recently. Do you have any favorite packs of your own that you think should have been mentioned here? Let me know what I missed, and I'll make sure to include them in the next packs showcase.

—Trevor from Knoword