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Patch Notes: Reloaded

Teacher feedback turns into many improvements to assignments

  • Added a link to your packs from the account settings page
  • Pack editor: Fixed an issue where alternate spellings don't show up properly when editing a word that you defined
  • Game: Changed up the wording of some stat headings on the game end screen:
    • Words answered -> Words viewed
    • Elapsed time -> Time taken
  • Assignments: You can now edit the time limit of assignments you've already created
  • Assignments: In the assignment submissions table, consolidated correct answer count and correct percent into one field. "Correct (%)" shows the correct count and the percent in parentheses beside it. For example, "12 (50%)".
  • Assignments: Added time to complete an assignment to each submission in the table
  • Assignments: Line breaks in assignment notes are now preserved on the pre-game screen
  • Assignments: Added an option to make the game more strict about capitalization and punctuation in your assignments. Normally, the game doesn't care whether you match capitalization or include punctuation in answers, but this option allows teachers to test for exact spelling of words.

All of the changes above were directly related to feedback that we've received from teachers. If there's anything that you think Knoword can be doing better, we're all ears. Let's get in touch.