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Collecting the Collections

New ways to browse packs within a collection


Update 2021/01/17: You can now browse collections on our collections page. We also just made some changes to make the individual collection pages load faster and show more relevant information.

Pack creators have always been able to organize their packs into collections, but we've never actually provided a way to view packs by their collection.

I suppose you could always just search for a collection...

searching for a collection

But we can do better. 😤

Collection pages

Now every collection has its own page, so you can view all of the packs within a collection in one convenient place. This makes it easy to share multiple related packs with your students. You can also use collection pages to learn about new packs that are related to ones you already enjoy.

To access a collection page, head over to the packs page, click on a pack's context menu, and select "View collection".

viewing collection contents

Here are my top 8 favourite collections on Knoword:

  1. Music Appreciation by Mrs. Hitchcock
  2. Movie Frames by Snoopy
  3. Español I by Señor Ruiz
  4. Social Studies by Tania Ratu

And all of the original Knoword collections, for your browsing pleasure:

  1. Flags of the World
  2. Movie Titles
  3. Animals
  4. Capital Cities

What are your favourite collections? Tweet at us and let us know.

Much better, right? I hope you enjoy this improved collection browsing experience, and as always, let us know if you have any feedback.

—Trevor from Knoword