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5 Tips for Distance Learning

We've put together some ideas to help you stay ahead of the game


This year has been a doozy, to say the least. Working from home is a change, and so is learning from home. Keeping kids engaged in the classroom was challenging enough before. Now, teachers are faced with a new normal that calls for a level of adaptation and evolution that would have Darwin scratching his head.

So how can teachers stay ahead of the game when the playing field has shifted from in-person to online? We've thrown together some tips to help (and some friendly reminders that Knoword can be a pretty awesome tool, too). Let's go!

1. Encourage Involvement

This may seem obvious, but we don't mean just telling students to do their online assignments. In this case, we mean setting distance learning expectations for little things can go a long way. Encouraging participation is a major factor, and creating more engaging assignments can make that less of a challenge.

Using FOMO (fear of missing out) can also be a powerful way to increase class involvement. Simply sharing the results from your super-fun assignments can show less-involved students what they're missing. This is a simple yet effective way to make everyone want to be part of the fun.

2. One-on-One Communication

Setting goals with students is a terrific way to make them feel like their work matters.

Of course, planning long-term is great, but one-on-one communication with each student about their individual goals can ensure they stay focused and on track. Talk to them about their upcoming and current assignments, encourage them to reach out for help, and become a partner to their success.

This is easier said than done, but this personal approach will give each student a sense of responsibility and help them avoid feeling like they can fly under the radar.

3. Simplify Assignments

Distance learning assignments with clear instructions and easily accessible progress reports are just better for everyone.

As a teacher, you'll receive fewer emails from confused students, you'll spend less time explaining assignments, and you'll have more time for those one-on-one conversations we just mentioned (and possibly a coffee run).

Knoword is just one of many effective tools that allow you to streamline your workflow. It keeps things simple but also educational. In short, let your technology do the heavy lifting, so you can use your skills to help your students excel.

4. Be Adaptable

Using technology to your advantage is a game-changer in the new world of distance learning. By integrating a variety of fun online platforms into your teaching toolkit, you'll have an easier time keeping your kids engaged and focused on learning course material instead of fighting with hard to use websites.

Knoword is great in this regard. We've spent a lot of time making Knoword the most engaging and intuitive online vocabulary game while also giving teachers the ability to easily create and share assignments. If plans change or you want to give your students a fun assignment, it takes less than a minute to create an assignment on Knoword.

5. Keep it Fun

Assignments that feel less like assignments are always a winner. Gamifying assignments and handing out rewards can be fantastic incentives for kids learning at home.

In this day and age, super-lame assignments are superseded by modern teaching tools that make schoolwork less of a chore and more of a blast. And with immediate results, Knoword makes it fun for students to learn while helping educators level-up their game at home or in the classroom.

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