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Definitions in December

Another innovative Pack of the Month and a new video


With the end of 2020 now in sight, it's my honor to bring to you the December Pack of the Month, ESL 975 Vocabulary by Jessup Yenser.

ESL 975 Vocabulary

30 words

This pack is really cool because it forgoes the convention of offering dictionary definitions or trivia-style hints, and instead utilizes fill-in-the-blank style clues for each of its questions. It's a really fun way to play that I've personally never seen before on Knoword! We might even adopt this style in some of our future original packs. 👀

Judging by its title, Jessup's pack seems to be geared toward ESL (English as a second language) students. I love seeing Knoword being used with different audiences, and the world of language learning is no exception.

Lights, camera, worksheets

Last week, we posted a new video to our Instagram that describes our new worksheets feature in just 30 seconds. It's short and informative, and was a joy to create. Watch the video below, and continue reading to learn more about how we made it.

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The video was shot during a wave of COVID-19 cases in Canada, and neither I nor my friends who helped shoot the video wanted to leave our houses. So we organized a Zoom call and collaborated on the video, shot-by-shot, in real time.

My filmmaker friend Miguel shot the video on an iPhone camera while I explained the required shots over Zoom. He then uploaded the clips to Google Drive, so I could play them back and request changes. Once our virtual video shoot was over, I cut the footage up, added a voiceover, and hit "publish".

And that's it! I hope you found this as interesting as I did. I'm certainly excited for the next videos we create in this style. 🔥

—Trevor from Knoword