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November News

A new original pack and Novermber's Pack of the Month


Every month, we like to highlight a pack from the community that serves as an outstanding example of how packs can be used. This month, we're proud to feature Medieval Art Terms by Jennifer Dillon.

Art history

Medieval Art Terms

20 words
Jennifer Dillon

I remember talking with an art teacher about Knoword, and they assumed that because they didn't teach English, it wouldn't be useful for them. Jennifer's pack proves the opposite: Knoword can be an effective study tool no matter what subject you teach, or what topics you're interested in.

Playing this pack, you're sure to learn new words related to ancient art and gothic architecture. Don't know what a "lintel" is? Try this pack and you'll be sure to find out!

A presidential pack

With the United States election around the corner, we thought it would be a good time to look back on U.S. presidents from history with a new original pack.

U.S. Presidents

44 words

Learn about the 44 people (so far) who have served as president. Each clue include their number (ie. "12th president of the U.S.") as well as one or two interesting facts about them. Our U.S. Presidents pack is a great way to test your knowledge and learn something new at the same time.

If you're an American, the only thing more important right now than brushing up on your presidential trivia is voting in your election. Get out there and earn yourself a snazzy sticker like the one below.

voting sticker

Even if cool stickers aren't your thing, then you should at least feel good about having your voice heard and participating in your democracy.

Happy November!

—Trevor from Knoword