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Words to Go

Play your favourite vocabulary game, even when you're AFK


AFK: Away from keyboard

When we made our big update last month, we prioritized for people using Knoword on their laptops and desktops. Today, I'm proud to announce a sweeping set of changes across the entire website to make Knoword work seamlessly on tablets and phones as well.

To make this work, we had to reimagine each and every page and carefully consider how they should look and behave on a smaller screen. Sometimes, this meant smaller fonts, spacing, and proportions. Other times, we had to come up with entirely new layouts, moving or removing elements on the page.

Today, Knoword is a fully responsive website. This means you can play games, complete assignments, and even create packs when you're on the go. Just load up the website on your mobile device and play as you normally would. Typing answers on the touch keyboard might be more difficult for some, but autocorrect might also help out in certain situations.

I'd love to hear what you think of the new changes. If you notice anything that we can improve for mobile users, please let us know using the support form.

—Trevor from Knoword