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Pack of the Month

We highlight a community pack and give a couple of product updates


The featured pack on our home page is the first thing visitors see when they visit I like to think of this as a great place to shine the spotlight on exceptional packs created by the community.

Last month, we featured Unit 3 Lesson 14 by Ellen Greco, and this month we're excited to unveil the next featured pack.

Our October 2020 Pack of the Month is...

[Drum roll]

Ecology 6th Grade

16 words
Christine Little

Christine Little's Ecology 6th Grade is an example of a great pack. It’s short and sweet, all while having a clearly defined topic. Packs like this are perfect for students to practice vocabulary that relates to a specific area of study. These packs are my favorite to play because I can click play, and learn something new in less than 5 minutes.

Going forward, every month, we'll be picking a new pack to feature as the Pack of The Month. One of your packs could get featured next month!

A splash of color

If you've been searching for new packs recently, you might have noticed we've made the packs page a little more colorful. If you don't upload artwork to your pack, it will now get a fancy new random color gradient as a background, instead of the boring old grey.

You can't change your packs' default colors, but you can still upload artwork and select a custom color scheme.

Changing dates

Last week we received this feedback from a teacher who uses Knoword Assignments to assign work to their students:

How do I adjust the assignment due date so that students who haven't had a chance to practice may?

Great question! When they reached out, the unfortunate answer was that this couldn't be done. However, we took this feedback to heart and made some quick improvements to the assignments tool to enable teachers to edit an assignment's due date, as well as the title and notes. You can access this feature from the "Edit" button at the top of every assignment's details dialog.

That's all of the updates I have to talk about this week. Have fun, study hard, and enjoy the rest of your week!

—Trevor from Knoword