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More Words, More Fun

New packs, words, and difficulty balance changes


Quality is important when it comes to our classic game modes and original packs. That's why I'm proud to announce a few updates to our first-party offerings. In this post, I'll discuss the things we've been working on to make Knoword more fun than ever.

The Great Recategorization

We recently spent some time sorting through all of the words in our classic difficulty modes, and carefully reconsidered all of the word difficulties. We've been meaning to recategorize words for a while, and it was on the backburner until we read this Instagram comment:

The easy is too easy and the medium is too hard. There needs to be an in between haha

After poring over thousands of words, I'm optimistic that we have a much more balanced game. Easy words are easier, hard words are harder, and medium words are medium-er.

Fresh words

In addition to The Great Recategorization, we've also gone ahead and added over 300 new words to our difficulty modes! Most of the new words we've added were defined by you and the community when you've created custom word packs.

In the future, we'll be adding new words to our classic difficulty modes on a more regular schedule. That means the classic difficulty modes will always be improving, and they will continue to feel fresh over time.

Packs, new and updated

Even if the classic difficulty modes aren't your jam, we have good news for you! Now available to play are two ✨ brand new ✨ original packs, World-famous books and Olympic Host Cities. We've also updated our Movie Titles: 2010s pack with many more iconic films of the last decade.

You can test your knowledge using these packs, or share them with your friends to see how they stack up. For other Knoword original packs, check out the packs page.

World-famous books

151 words

I hope you enjoy these updates! If you have an idea for a word pack that we should create next, send us your suggestions. We always read your comments, and love to hear your feedback.

—Trevor from Knoword